Hi everyone, i got a really shitty tattoo done, it’s bleeding a lot, and it’s dedicated to my mom, who hates tattoos, well mother fuck me, i never listen, and i’m being punished for it. I feel like shit now. Wow i might as well off myself now.

Hi everyone, i got a really shitty tattoo done, it’s bleeding a lot, and it’s dedicated to my mom, who hates tattoos, well mother fuck me, i never listen, and i’m being punished for it. I feel like shit now. Wow i might as well off myself now.

Tuesday Apr 15 @ 07:13pm
I can’t seem to find a purpose in life,

And so many people don’t understand, they just call me lazy and selfish, or get annoyed, and it’s like wow, life really sucks, I’m not happy and then I’m just punished for it.

Tuesday Apr 15 @ 07:10pm
Brody Dalle and her band before her show yesterday. My friend and I were walking around Pioneertown checking out how awesome it was, and she was doing the same. I swear to god that was the coolest venue I have EVER been to. 

Brody Dalle and her band before her show yesterday. My friend and I were walking around Pioneertown checking out how awesome it was, and she was doing the same. I swear to god that was the coolest venue I have EVER been to. 

Friday Apr 11 @ 07:58pm

Friday Apr 11 @ 07:38pm
This could be fun or extremely sad
  • 1: Name
  • 2: Age
  • 3: 3 Fears
  • 4: 3 things I love
  • 5: 4 turns on
  • 6: 4 turns off
  • 7: My best friend
  • 8: Sexual orientation
  • 9: My best first date
  • 10: How tall am I
  • 11: What do I miss
  • 12: What time were I born
  • 13: Favorite color
  • 14: Do I have a crush
  • 15: Favorite quote
  • 16: Favorite place
  • 17: Favorite food
  • 18: Do I use sarcasm
  • 19: What am I listening to right now
  • 20: First thing I notice in new person
  • 21: Shoe size
  • 22: Eye color
  • 23: Hair color
  • 24: Favorite style of clothing
  • 25: Ever done a prank call?
  • 27: Meaning behind my URL
  • 28: Favorite movie
  • 29: Favorite song
  • 30: Favorite band
  • 31: How I feel right now
  • 32: Someone I love
  • 33: My current relationship status
  • 34: My relationship with my parents
  • 35: Favorite holiday
  • 36: Tattoos and piercing i have
  • 37: Tattoos and piercing i want
  • 38: The reason I joined Tumblr
  • 39: Do I and my last ex hate each other?
  • 40: Do I ever get “good morning” or “good night ” texts?
  • 41: Have I ever kissed the last person you texted?
  • 42: When did I last hold hands?
  • 43: How long does it take me to get ready in the morning?
  • 44: Have You shaved your legs in the past three days?
  • 45: Where am I right now?
  • 46: If I were drunk & can’t stand, who’s taking care of me?
  • 47: Do I like my music loud or at a reasonable level?
  • 48: Do I live with my Mom and Dad?
  • 49: Am I excited for anything?
  • 50: Do I have someone of the opposite sex I can tell everything to?
  • 51: How often do I wear a fake smile?
  • 52: When was the last time I hugged someone?
  • 53: What if the last person I kissed was kissing someone else right in front of me?
  • 54: Is there anyone I trust even though I should not?
  • 55: What is something I disliked about today?
  • 56: If I could meet anyone on this earth, who would it be?
  • 57: What do I think about most?
  • 58: What’s my strangest talent?
  • 59: Do I have any strange phobias?
  • 60: Do I prefer to be behind the camera or in front of it?
  • 61: What was the last lie I told?
  • 62: Do I prefer talking on the phone or video chatting online?
  • 63: Do I believe in ghosts? How about aliens?
  • 64: Do I believe in magic?
  • 65: Do I believe in luck?
  • 66: What's the weather like right now?
  • 67: What was the last book I've read?
  • 68: Do I like the smell of gasoline?
  • 69: Do I have any nicknames?
  • 70: What was the worst injury I've ever had?
  • 71: Do I spend money or save it?
  • 72: Can I touch my nose with a tongue?
  • 73: Is there anything pink in 10 feet from me?
  • 74: Favorite animal?
  • 75: What was I doing last night at 12 AM?
  • 76: What do I think is Satan’s last name is?
  • 77: What’s a song that always makes me happy when I hear it?
  • 78: How can you win my heart?
  • 79: What would I want to be written on my tombstone?
  • 80: What is my favorite word?
  • 81: My top 5 blogs on tumblr
  • 82: If the whole world were listening to me right now, what would I say?
  • 83: Do I have any relatives in jail?
  • 84: I accidentally eat some radioactive vegetables. They were good, and what’s even cooler is that they endow me with the super-power of my choice! What is that power?
  • 85: What would be a question I’d be afraid to tell the truth on?
  • 86: What is my current desktop picture?
  • 87: Had sex?
  • 88: Bought condoms?
  • 89: Gotten pregnant?
  • 90: Failed a class?
  • 91: Kissed a boy?
  • 92: Kissed a girl?
  • 93: Have I ever kissed somebody in the rain?
  • 94: Had job?
  • 95: Left the house without my wallet?
  • 96: Bullied someone on the internet?
  • 97: Had sex in public?
  • 98: Played on a sports team?
  • 99: Smoked weed?
  • 100: Did drugs?
  • 101: Smoked cigarettes?
  • 102: Drank alcohol?
  • 103: Am I a vegetarian/vegan?
  • 104: Been overweight?
  • 105: Been underweight?
  • 106: Been to a wedding?
  • 107: Been on the computer for 5 hours straight?
  • 108: Watched TV for 5 hours straight?
  • 109: Been outside my home country?
  • 110: Gotten my heart broken?
  • 111: Been to a professional sports game?
  • 112: Broken a bone?
  • 113: Cut myself?
  • 114: Been to prom?
  • 115: Been in airplane?
  • 116: Fly by helicopter?
  • 117: What concerts have I been to?
  • 118: Had a crush on someone of the same sex?
  • 119: Learned another language?
  • 120: Wore make up?
  • 121: Lost my virginity before I was 18?
  • 122: Had oral sex?
  • 123: Dyed my hair?
  • 124: Voted in a presidential election?
  • 125: Rode in an ambulance?
  • 126: Had a surgery?
  • 127: Met someone famous?
  • 128: Stalked someone on a social network?
  • 129: Peed outside?
  • 130: Been fishing?
  • 131: Helped with charity?
  • 132: Been rejected by a crush?
  • 133: Broken a mirror?
  • 134: What do I want for birthday?
  • ASK ME
Friday Apr 11 @ 07:38pm


No one.

No one.

EVER has a right to touch you if you don’t want to be touched.

Not your husband. Not your fiance. Not your boyfriend. Not your partner. Not your friends. Not even your own family.

You are a person and your body is your own. And it’s a privilege if you allow someone to touch it.

A god damn privilege that can be snatched up and you don’t owe anyone a reason but that it’s your body and only YOUR body.

Friday Apr 11 @ 07:32pm
My Dark Desert Dream (Nightmare)


So Being as dumb as I am, I thought I had bought all the tickets to each Brody Dalle show I could go to that was near me. But on the 9th, I was getting my second tattoo done (unfortunately it’s not yet finished), and I was online and I found out there was a show that was a 3 hour drive away from me, and I could most likely make it to. So As I was waiting to get my tattoo done, I thought, fuck work, i’m going to this show, and I bought a ticket, and then I invited this guy to come with me, because I feel like it’d be super fun to go with him. So he said maybe, and I got my tattoo half way done, my artist said that he’d have to finish it up another time, because the white lettering would turn blue if he finished that same day, so I agreed. I had realized I could not work for awhile because I need my head tattoo to heal. So I asked for a week off, and waited for the next day. The guy I invited said he was able to ditch work, and come with me, so He picked me up in his 2008 Challenger, and he said he needed to get some gas, so he filled up his tank and asked if He should get some booze. I told him it was up to him (I honestly didn’t feel like drinking much) so he ended up buying a bottle of Vodka and some cactus cooler. We began our roadtrip out of LA, and there was quite a bit of traffic. At this time it was probably about 1:45. It was pretty much a giant roadtrip, we were travelling across the desert. I literally felt like I was in a fucking movie. I had run away from home, with some guy, in a nice muscle car driving through the desert. We were tripping out so much at how cool the area we were in was. Once we got to the venue, I got super excited, I mean It was all western town, and it was just a very unique venue, the coolest I’ve ever been to. Idk what gave me the impression that it was a good idea, but The guy i was with, he started pouring the alcohol and soda together and I decided to drink a lot. We went out and walked around the pioneertown, and I saw Brody and the rest of the band, but I didn’t want to bother them while they enjoyed their free time. It was such a dream, I really wish I said Hi, and wasn’t so under the influence. Anyways, I fed the chickens, and I went back to the Challenger, and we drank some more (terrible fucking idea). I guess we were so drunk that time flew by, because before I knew it, it was already 7 and me and the guy I was with went to line up. It was super obvious I was really drunk. I was wobbling over and the show hadn’t even started yet! I have no idea what the fuck I was thinking. We finally entered, and The guy I was with bought more drinks for us, and Like I barely took any sips of mine, because I was so god damn fucked up already. I had lost control at that point, I mean I was partially aware of my surrounds, but I was gone. And I regret that decision to drink. I blacked out, but I do recall fucking doing stupid shit, like making out with that guy. I don’t know what was going through my mind, but then Brody came out on stage, and I was way too fucking drunk, it even makes me depressed just thinking about it. Here I was, in this fucking rad venue, Brody here about to perform, and stupid me was fucking drunk, barely even aware of my surroundings. I ditched the guy I was with to try and get close to the stage, but there were too many other people who were being mean to me to let me through, in fact, I was pushed several times during her performance. I do remember two faces of these girls who were just mad dogging the shit out of me, I mean, yeah, I don’t blame them for mad dogging me,because of the state I was in, but it was just so uncomfortable. I know I fucked up, but the fact that these people looked at me like they hated me and wished I was dead made my stomach so sour. They don’t even know the real me and they just gave me this look of “You deserve to die, Fuck you”, it just made me sad, like I was there for the same reason they were, i just messed up, and I still got that look. It hurt. I still enjoyed the concert though, I danced and sang, but I wasn’t fully there, and I feel so guilty. Her performance was amazing, but I fucked up so bad. I really wish i didn’t decide to drink, although that whole experience just added to me feeling like I was in some kind of movie. After the performance, the guy i was with, carried me back to a table to get us some food, and I guess i passed out for an hour on this table. I woke up thinking “WHERE THE FUCK AM I WHAT HAPPENED?!” and I was legitimately scared at this point. I put my spinning head down tried to relax and not feel sick, and then from the corner of my eye, I see the guy return with boxes of food and said he got me some food, but I couldn’t even eat it, i was way to nauseated from all the alcohol. I know that whole time the guy had been asking and begging me to go back to his car with him, and I kept saying “No” thankfully, but anyways this time I was a bit sober and ready to go home so I agreed to go back to his car so we can start our long drive home. It was about 10PM at this point. I thought he was completely sober, so we got in his Challenger and he started driving, he was speeding and I had realized…. Fuck he’s still drunk. He was swerving and speeding and I kept yelling at him to slow down and to watch out, he had almost crashed into several cars, and he had even taken the wrong freeway, and I told him to make a U-turn so he did. I can honestly say we were going about 130 down the desert road, and he started closing his eyes while driving, it was truly becoming a bad dream. A Nightmare. He did one last swerve going towards the wall of the freeway, and I told him to pull over, so he pulled over to the emergency lane, where he went in the back seat to sleep. I passed out as well and woke up an hour later realizing we were still far out in the desert, so I turned the emergency flashers on and passed out for another hour. I woke up to a tap on the glass of the car thinking, “Fuck, is it the cops?” and then I turn to see a weird old guy asking if we needed help, and I told him we were just really tired and couldn’t drive and he said alright, and then asked us for some money because he’s broke and needed gas, and I didn’t have any to give to him so I just said No sorry and he left. I was getting really worried at this point, it was probably already 12:30 and I didn’t feel too well, definitely didn’t feel good enough to drive, so I tried waking up the guy I was with to see if he was okay to drive, and he was just out cold, so I slept for another 30-50 minutes, and then tried again, asking if he could drive and he said he’s still too drunk and that I had to drive since it was like 1 or 2 already. I said alright, knowing that I was okay to drive, I just felt sick, so I got in the driver’s seat, and drove us to the closest gas station where I could re-hydrate, I then continued to journey back, I had Brody and Queens to guide me home. It was exhilarating, driving 80-90 miles in this beautiful muscle car through the desert all the way through LA. I felt really good by the time we got back. It was a nightmare but it felt so surreal. I do wish i was sober for the show, I’m not someone who likes going to see her idol fucked up like that in an awesome venue, but it was truly like a dream. A concert in the desert drunk, with a challenger. It was just a giant trip. Man. I do regret drinking so much, but I did have a lot of fun, and I still fucking love Brody Dalle. I feel really bad for doing what I did, but at least I’m safe, and there’s plenty more Brody shows I’ll go to sober. *sigh*

Friday Apr 11 @ 07:18pm

 Before 2/16/14, Brody Dalle had posted some photos of her upcoming gigs, and it just happened that her very first show was going to take place in Long Beach, California, which is really close to where I live, although it’s a 50 minute drive to get there from where I live. I was so fucking excited, and went directly to the site where the tickets were being sold, and boom, I find out the venue was 21 and over only, no exceptions. Disappointed, I tried to think of as many ideas I could see her, like borrowing my older sister’s I.D; getting a fake I.D; or even trying to get one of my older friends to bring me in as an adult or something, but none of those had worked out, so I thought, If I can’t watch her perform live, I thought I could at least hear her perform live through venue walls, and hopefully not get kicked out. So my initial plan was to just drive out there anyways. So ahead of time, I asked to leave my job early just to see Brody. I came up with a B.S. excuse, and my manager changed my schedule so I was able to leave at 3 P.M. I also dragged one of my best friends, who promised that one day, he’d take me or at least come with me to see Brody, to come with me. He’s my bestest friend Luis, and I’ll tell you one thing, he LOVES skateboarding. So I thought it’d probably even be a better idea to drag him along because at least if he has a skateboard he can entertain himself, while I wait outside.

Why was it the Greatest Day of my life?
I met Brody Dalle.

So on that day, I was at work, kinda nervous/excited to see or at least hear Brody, I had such low expectations, which I was very glad to have.
At work, I guess you can say I was jittery and excited, so I was very friendly in the Drive-Thru where I work at, yet so many people were dicks to me, and it made me a bit depressed but It didn’t get to me because the hope that I could at least hear my idol perform. I finally get off work at 3:15, I drove home, immediately got ready, and hit up Luis, who happened to have just got home from his job interview, and he said he was ready so, I we drive all the way over to Long Beach, get lost about a million times, and then finally arrive very close to the venue around 5:00 ish PM. As we try to find parking, something I love to call fate happens. There just happens to be a skatepark RIGHT down the street from the Venue that Brody Dalle is performing at. I thought, wow, tonight is really just straight up fate, because now Luis won’t get bored. So anyways we find this perfect parking spot with a LOT of space and it was literally just down the street from the venue and right across from the skatepark. So we go down to check out the venue, and of course there are a bit of people already in line, and there you go, I had this instant fate moment, where I end up seeing some people I follow on tumblr, so obviously I got shy and didn’t stare or say anything. /.\

I make Luis come and skate next to this curb and sit with me while we wait and see what happens. We get a little curious, and I ask him if we can go look at the other side, and he says sure, so as we skate around the venue (Of course, for once, I was leading, we were skateboarding) and as I go down to see the front entrance, I see Tony and the other band members unloading the tour van, and I see a pregnant woman as I skate by with Luis behind me, and as i slow down to stop near the door, I look and as I slowly skate by, I felt the world slow down, as I had about a second of eye contact with the most amazing person on the fucking planet. I had a second of eye contact with Brody Dalle. As Luis and I stop by this light pole right next to the door, I turn as Luis has turned to me talking, and I look back to watch and see if I could see Brody again. She does pop out of the door one more time, and I look at her as the sun is at her back, she looked like she was glowing, it was like this fucking instant moment of feeling warmth and happiness. It was like the first time I have ever been genuinely happy. I had made clear eye contact her for another 3 seconds, and then she disappears. I had freaked out, as I turned to Luis, saying “Dude…..I fucking made eye contact with Brody! Like it was weird! Just staring at her, she just gives off this aura, like it’s so mesmerizing, I can’t even explain it!” and Luis seemed happy, he cheered me on and constantly said that I’d meet her, and not to worry. So we go back around to the back where the “entrance” was and I sit down on the curb again and hear their sound check, sooo fucking rad, because she started screaming, and playing some of The Distillers songs<3 and I was like, at least I got to hear her sound check. We went to the other side of the Venue and sat down for awhile, and I was getting all pouty because I wasn’t old enough for the venue, I tell Luis to sit next to me and he does, and I look at my phone to see what likes and comments I got on the photo I posted about not being old enough for the venue, and how sad I was, and then I look at the BrodyDalle Tag on instagram and look at all these picture, in which I hear the door open, and ignore it, because I didn’t want to get my hopes up and finding out its just tech guys, but my gut feeling said (It’s Brody stand up, but obviously I never go with my gut, so I ignored it) and I notice Luis went quiet and was looking up, and I say “Oh!” like an idiot and see, it’s Brody walking by, and Luis made eye contact with her for awhile, and they walk away. I wasn’t about to get up and bother her for a picture, because I automatically assume famous people don’t want to be bothered, and want to be treated like average people, didn’t want to find out that Brody was mean (I didn’t think that of her at all, but just was kinda scared because my heart would literally shatter if she was), and also didn’t want to seem like a creeper. I was so prepared to meet her, just so scared, I had a sharpie, I had 78% battery on my phone, and my bestest friend Luis by my side. We watch her as she gets into this truck, which was a Chevy, as Luis Once the car left, Luis and I turned to each other and talked, Luis told me about how, it was really something having eye contact with her, and He’s not exactly a fan of any Brody music(Not that he hates it, he just never listens to it). He stated that there’s just something about seeing her and having eye contact with her was nice? I forgot his exact words but he said something about it feeling special. He also said that she gave him that type of look wondering whether he was there to see her, or just sitting on the floor with me for some random reason. I got super excited, but I saw Luis was becoming bored, so I said “Let’s go check out that skate park”, so he wouldn’t feel so bored, so we went there for awhile, saw a lot of good skaters, but we couldn’t do much there ourselves, since we both suck as skating. I asked him when we can go back, and he said whenever I wanted to, and I told him, I don’t wanna miss a thing, so he agreed and we went back, and we see the parking lot is just completely packed. As the sun sets, and everything gets dark, street lights start to turn on, I started getting really grumpy/depressed as I watched the parking lot get overpopulated and see people lining up, who I was so completely envious of for being of age, while I sat there thinking, “Fuck me, I’m probably just being punished for being born in the wrong generation, fuck my life, fuck everything ughhhh!” and that’s where I posted this picture on my instagram. 

So I mean at that point I kept telling myself, at least you were the first person in that venue’s line of people who had ticket’s to lay/meet eyes on/with her. I wanted to get a closer look, so we went closer to the building line, and he got a little bored so he was skating around the cars, and some guy gets outta line to tell us that he’s not trying to be a dick, but people were worried about us hitting their cars (which I’d like to point out, we weren’t that close enough to the cars), and if we could go skate somewhere else, so of course, being even more hurt and irritated by getting kicked out of the parking lot, Luis says it’s okay and we sit out the front doorway instead and wait there. Next to us on the other side of the doorway is another dude and another chick, who obviously were waiting for Brody. They kept leaving and coming back, but Luis and I didn’t pay much attention to them. Luis had to go to the bathroom, so we both skate down to this little market plaza thingy where he goes to the bathroom at Food 4 Less, and then he gets something to drink at Rite Aid, and we skate back to our waiting spot for Brody, where we sit for I’d say an hour and a half as The Black Tibetans perform. That girl and guy on the other side of the door from us who kept disappearing and reappearing, reappear and ask, “You guys here to see Brody?” and I told him i wasn’t old enough, but I’m still hoping to see her and listen anyways, so those two sit with us, talk a bit and then leave again. Me and Luis wait some more, and Boom, that Chevy Truck reappears in front of us. I get super excited at this point. Brody gets out to move the cones in place for their reserved parking. As she gets out, she has eye contact with both me and Luis, and then carries on and does the most ADORABLE thing on the fucking planet. 

(I apologize ahead of time for such Crappy Quality of the photo, but y’all know iphones and their shit pictures in the dark) 
ANYWAYS, She puts the reserved parking traffic cone on her head and starts doing a little dance at the driver, omg so cute T~T I was like jesus this woman is awesome. And She glanced back over here for a second and then carried on, and My heart began racing really hard, omg my heart is racing as I type this (LOL JUST FROM REMEMBERING IT, IT MAKES MY HEART RACE). Luis kept nudging me saying, “C’mon Mang, Now’s your chance!”, so i stand up and get so scared again, because she makes eye contact again and I get nervous, and I told him I was nervous and he handed me my skateboard and said “Skate to her” and so I grabbed my phone, put it on camera, and skated a little bit and got off and grew some ovaries. 
“Hi Brody.” I said shyly. She responded saying “Hi!” and I told her, “I’m a big, big fan of yours, I love your new song!” and she thanked me and asked what my name was, and I told her my name was Adrienne, and she said it was nice to meet me and she shook my hand. She said that I was cute and I then asked her, “Can I have a picture with you?” and she said “Of course!” so she took a picture with me. (Two technically, I’m posting the first one because, i posted the second one awhile ago, and also because the first one is probably the most genuine smile I have ever had! I chinked my eyes so much because I couldn’t believe what was happening.)

She HUGGED ME. Dude, Most famous people just put their arm on your shoulder or half ass everything, but Brody HUGGED. Like She genuinely loves you as her fan, and omg. i can’t emphasize how special it made me feel, and then I proceeded to ask her if she could sign my Spinnerette shirt I was wearing, and she happily obliged<3 

The Best fucking part is she already knew how to spell my name (many people don’t), of course she verified and asked me if it was “enne”. She then asked who the guy taking the picture was (It was Luis) and he introduced himself. I told her how I dragged him all the way over here to come wait with me to see her, and she gave him a hug. After all the fan stuff, She asked me why I wasn’t in line or inside already waiting, and I mentioned how I’m not old enough for the venue and that drove out there (Long Beach) from the LA County, just to hope to even listen to her music, with the risk of not even seeing or hearing her and stuff, and she was like “How old are you?” and I told her how I was only 18, and she said “You’re just a baby! You’re so cute” and she thought for a second, and went up to the security guys and asked if they could let me in (OMG SHE IS THE FUCKING SWEEETEST THING EVER<3 I FUCKING LOVE HER) and they said they were sorry but they couldn’t, and She told me she was sorry, if I were at least one year older she probably could, and apologized again and promised she was going to have a L.A. Show, and I got excited and of course fan-girled a bit and said “YOU ARE?! :D” and she said yeah! I then said, i might even go to Australia next month since I have a lot of family over there and that I wanted to see her and Queens perform (I ended up not going) and she said “Honey don’t do that! When’s your birthday?” and I told her “May 15” (I was happy she asked for some reason since my Bday is so close to Josh’s) and she said “You’re gonna be 19 by May right?” and I said yeah, and she said, she’ll make sure I get in. So I guess her Manager or idk who it was, came up to me and asked for my information,and I gave her my full name and typed it out in front of me, it said “Adrienne G****** LA Mega Fan” (sorry censored my last name) and said I was on a guest list. I thanked Brody for everything, and as we were saying good bye, She gave me a straight up hug<3 OMG she is the best, and I loudly said “I LOVE YOU BRODY!” (god ew I’m creepy ahha I didn’t mean to I just was so happy!)  and she walked inside the secret entrance. Me and Luis sit outside as the Black Tibetans start loading their equipment. Luis and I went to my car to put the shirt and marker away and get my hookah vape since he was bored and wanted to do something, so when we get back and sit down. I suddenly see this fucking see this NICE ASS Classic Camero Pull up and park behind the Chevy Truck. Just seeing that nice ass classic car, I immediately knew  who it was. It was Josh Homme. A few moments later, We see the security guard holding the front door open saying “They’re not gonna come in unless you’re here, so we see another security guard walk in, and suddenly we see the band come out through the secret entrance. Well technically, I was watching the door as Luis stares at the secret entrance and sees Brody rip this off:

And I turn and see the band and Brody walking our way towards the door and I get excited when i see Tony and the rest of them, and Brody smiles and goes inside, they all looked excited and pumped. Then Luis and I stand up and Luis skates and comes back to me handing me that wristband^ and told me Brody just ripped it off and He knew I’d wanna keep it as a memento. So I thought he was fucking with me and just saying it to see how far I’d go,but then I trusted him and put it in my pocket and took his word for it. we proceeded to sit down, and hear  Brody talk. Then Brody start playing all of her AMAZING music. People got kicked out twice so I got to witness Brody Live for a solid 2 seconds until the security guard shut the door. It was all worth it, my just sitting outside listening to her amazing music, Luis probably saw how it made me feel. His phone started to die so he asked if he could go back to my car and charge it, so I told him he could and I gave him the keys as I stayed there to listen to her perform. It felt so good, Her voice was so amazing, i can’t even emphasize how great my experience was, and I wasn’t even high or drunk or anything, and just being there being able to hear her music and her lyrics, it just made me feel so good deep inside. Once she finished her performance, she left through the door I was waiting by, and I told her I loved it and that she was so awesome, and she grabbed my hand and rubbed my head, and at that moment I literally felt completely content with my life. She saw that I waited out there for her all night, and She had made me feel special. since the show was pretty much done, people were leaving, and I thought, I WANT TO LEAVE BRODY A MOMENTO, so I realized I left the sharpie in my car, so I just ripped out my earring, and took off my bracelet, and carved “I love you Brody and Josh” really sloppy on it, and left it on josh’s car. 

I made Luis wait with me to make sure she got it, and a few weeks later I found out she did keep it, and she actually thanked me on instagram on one of my photos<3 She is the sweetest thing ever. 

Anyways after that amazing night, I dropped Luis off, because He was getting in trouble since it was already late, and then I drove to Jack in the Box, to get a snack to eat because I was so happy, and I fucking tipped the cashier AND I paid for the people behind me’s food, Like I was so happy that I wanted to be a better person because of Brody Dalle. She truly is a special human being, especially to me. She’s inspired me so much to be kind, sweet and be myself. I would’ve never gotten through elementary-high school without her. I remember watching and listening to her when I was a kid, and ‘til this day, She’s still inspiring me. She truly is my hero, and I never felt more connected with a musician like this.  I’m probably leaving out a lot because I delayed to post this awhile back, but it’s okay. It’s forever in my memories. 

Friday Apr 11 @ 06:17pm

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